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Straw Bale Living in Victoria

Green Change to Beautiful Strawbale Executive Style Family Home on a few Acres

Straw bale homes really are the ultimate alternative for people wanting to consider the eco-footprint of their home on our fragile earth—yet still live in comfort and beauty all year round.

Described as having an “organic feel”, this straw bale home is unusually presented with a stunning executive finish that snubs any hippy hang-ups that alternative building materials may convey.

The minute you step into this straw bale home, you feel enclosed by the softness of the walls, yet the home is spacious with impressively high ceilings and breathtaking views.

It’s a home that is big on enjoying the good things in life with family and friends—like entertaining and hanging around inside and out. The lovely wide veranda is the absolute location for many merry gatherings, with a refreshing dipping pool.

Amongst the numerous benefits of living in a straw bale home is the non-toxic interior environment. The nature of how it is built and what it is built from (straw) means that the walls absorb moisture and are considerably healthier than a conventional interior of painted plasterboard wall.

The internal temperature is comfortably stable inside a passive solar straw bale home, often in the low 20s during winter, and in the heat of summer it remains beautifully cooler—up to 10 degrees cooler than the outside.

The benefits (apart from no electricity bills) of running completely off-grid,  means this straw bale home has great features including lighting and the appliances that all contemporary executive modern homes boast—yet without ongoing additional costs to the family budget or the environment.

What you will love the most about living in this straw bale home—even though it is modern and has the best of the best executive living aspects—are the unique features that are the undeniable nature of straw bale, such as the curved finish between the double-glazed windows and wall; unmistakably hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind.

Make the green change to Glenlyon Victoria and the gentle, lovely life in such an unusual and special WOW home.

Lakeside Living at its Best

Your own beach, waterfront, eco home away from the maddening crowds

The most difficult thing after making the decision to move for a new lifestyle is to find a home that is within three hours of Melbourne CBD.

That challenge increases if you are looking for a home and land that is sustainable, eco-friendly and has potential enterprise opportunities.

Lakeside Coongulla is an ecoproperty® in a Victorian community of central Gippsland that is often an overlooked location.   This can be a good thing for people looking for real lifestyle options outside of the city! The diversity of this area is amazing with wineries establishing, abundant water for irrigation and established transport links to markets.

Situated on 29 acres, this ecoproperty® has many enterprise opportunities for a home based businessor weekender around water sports.  The property has separate entries so there are lots of creative potential, like a B&B, or a retreat for artists or writers to produce their next big masterpiece. Nowadays it is possible to do business anywhere in the world!

Enjoy this quieter location away from the maddening crowds. The more isolated area is an opportunity to create a more peaceful true getaway. With a private sandy beach and metre of your own waterfront all on the shores of Lakeside Glenmaggie; your friends, family and potential paying guests will be hard to keep away.  Enjoy swimming and water sports or simply soak up the tranquil lifestyle that living by the water brings.

Banyandah, or “Home by the Water” is an architect designed solar passive house. Built from timber, stone and mud sourced onsite; this home celebrates the seasons for living beautifully and simply.

It is a stunning ecoproperty® ready for entertaining family, friends and guests- with four bedrooms, two spacious living zones, two bathrooms, a beautiful timber kitchen and expansive timber decking for outdoor entertaining.

The seasons and the surrounding landscape are the inspiration of the design for Banyandah.

Passive solar design minimises the carbon footprint over the life of the home. The use of solar energy for hot water and heating, wood for heating, cooking and hot water and an environmentally friendly sewerage system reduces the need for water.

The property comes with 122,750 litres (27,000 gallons) of domestic water storage, and a 2mg water right from the lake with pump, 27,000 litres of water tanks tank supplying garden water system.

At Eco Real Estate our passion is connecting people to ecoproperty®. Check out Ryans Road, Coongulla in Victoria for your new lifestyle in Australia.

Gorgeous Autumn light

Gorgeous autumn light after gorgeous autumn rain #ruralaustralia #aussiefarms #autumnaustralia #ecorealestate

Foreign Buyers of Australian Property

It’s highly unlikely lending and regulation is going to halt demand and impact.

It is time to discuss types of ownership eg. more leasehold; taxation eg. more contribution to national infrastructure, health, environment.

Let’s be innovative and imaginative – we have what most people and corporations want – security, wealth, well being. All comparative of course but we remain one of the luckiest countries.

So how best to share it – let’s debate widely and deeply and constantly.

Energy for Us

What country would not have a national policy of a gas reservation, stipulating a certain percentage be retained for local consumption?

Most of us cannot believe that would be a standard and sensible standard so that our farmers and businesses have good supplies at competitive costs.

This is how bad it is – one serious consideration to set up floating terminals to import (our) gas back to Australia (at what would be a cheaper price).

Government exists to protect and promote Australia – so come on Malcolm. Time to do some really good stuff on renewables and our finite natural resources.

Which Country Will Prosper ?

Interesting prospect: China halts construction of 85 coal fired power plants and continues to commit to renewables and address climate change. Trump? Backs out of climate change? Supports coal? Guess which country will prosper with all the innovation and new business around renewables and addressing climate change? Come on Australia- we have a great role to play in Ecopreneurship.

Daruma doll

A great week and year for us so here’s our Daruma doll as part of our celebrations #darumadoll #ecorealestate #success #aussiebusiness #loveourwork

Make Your Green Change

Make Your GreenChange for 2017 – Move to Kooralbyn with so Many Possibilities

Build a Home Based Business around the great herbs and fruit that grow here

Build a Second Home so ideal for extended family, couples or as family asset

Affordable, Healthy Living with Low Toxicity, Self Sufficiency

Great local facilities with Ramada Resort reopened and State Regional Development economic activity for employment  opportunities

Kooralbyn International School (of the like of Cathy Freeman and Jason Day) plus beautiful greenchange living

Urban Windmills Art & Power

Urban windmills art and power – bring our imaginations for solutions throughout our community in fully utilising natural systems #windpower #urbandesign #ecorealestate #australianrealestate #ecoproperty #sydney #alternativeenergy

Earthship Style Construction

Drove past what looks like earthship style construction – recycled tyres in brick layout with earth rammed in #earthship #ecorealestate #ecofriendly #greenliving #environmentaldesign #ecoproperty #australianrealestate

Love This Planet

Love this planet, this world – but hey being above it sometimes is glorious too #planetearth #greenworld #ecorealestate #loveflying#ecorealestate

Currumbin Valley

Escape the cats and dogs to enjoy Qld living in bushland in the Currumbin Valley – close to everything. Fabulous small family or couple living or income stream with airbnb or home based business. Buy Now and move in for Christmas to Queensland escape the rat race. #australiandesign #australianrealestate #houseforsale #qldforsale #currumbinvalley #wildlife #nocats #nocatsallowed #ecorealestate #ecovillage #escaperatrace #ecofriendly #ecodesign #australianrealestate