Selling Tips

One of main benefits of working with EcoRealEstate is that we will advise you of what to do (and not do) in preparing your property for sale. Put your time and effort in to the most important things using our knowledge of what will work for your type of property and location.

Understanding all of the potential buyers for your environmental property is also very important. For many properties there are numerous target groups.  Knowing how to access them and market your property to them is key to a great sale.

Our passion is property and sustainability so we offer a whole range of services to meet what you want and need for your property.

Need Help Selecting the Best Selling Option For You?

Please consider the following:

  1. My preference is to do the selling myself and need marketing and advertising – Level 1
  2. I want to be involved in the sale with access to professional advice, expertise and resources – Level 2
  3. Of most interest is the cheapest option possible – Level 1
  4. Not sure what is best for me, and my property, so need advice and recommendations – Level 2
  5. I want to review all the options and costs and then make my choice – please email or request by phone for the EcoRealEstate brochure of Options, Costs and Benefits
  6. Using a local agent as well as EcoRealEstate expertise and services – Level 3
  7. I prefer full real estate services where I am not involved at all – Level 3
  8. I am a real estate agent and want to work with EcoRealEstate – please email or phone for agent options

If you prefer to discuss anything by phone (1800 058 365 / 0468 489 333) or email, you are most welcome anytime

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