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EcoRealEstate is for property owners and real estate agents all around Australia.  We work with local real estate agents in locations in each State and Territory, as well as specialist consultants and advisors.  We provide programs and services to match the requirements of the property owner and their agent.

Our passion is what we call environmental property.  We love environmental sustainability and we love property, and our mission is preserving a property’s “eco capital” for the next generation of owners and beyond.

We are not a traditional real estate agency. We only represent and promote property with high environmental sustainability value. We are not bound by location or a fixed territory. We have sold all kinds of environmental properties in almost every state and territory of Australia, including urban, metropolitan, rural and regional (rather than selling any and all properties in one geographic location).

As the world’s first 100% environmentally focused real estate agency, Eco Real Estate combines a wealth of expertise in both sustainability and property sales. We provide high-quality services, honest advice, accurate pricing strategies, cost-effective marketing programs and flexible selling options. We work with property owners, traditional agents, or local agents use our services.

The commitment to environmental sustainability you will experience comes from a life-long passion. We understand the hard work and passion that goes into creating and nurturing what we identify as being ecoproperty® first-hand, having lived and worked in creating sustainable eco-communities for many decades ourselves. Our philosophy, business practices and the experience for our clients is underpinned by our commitment to property and sustainability. This informs all that we do.

Enjoying the focus on finding a buyer with the right budget; we seek to preserve and extend the environmental legacy of a property for the next generation and beyond. After all, nurturing the land and building eco capital is perpetual work and should not end when property is sold.
We match our eco properties with buyers who appreciate its value and are committed to continue its legacy. Losing this legacy on the open property market is heartbreaking. Passing on a property to an equally passionate new owner or renter is the most rewarding accomplishment for a truly eco-hearted property owner.

Environmental properties have a broad spectrum of features. Licensed to use the ecoproperty® system we provide an independent 5-point eco appraisal giving buyers a full understanding of the property’s contribution to environmental sustainability.

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Selling an eco property? Why Choose Us

– Understand and share your passion for your eco property

– Would you like your hard work and eco-efforts during ownership recognised and rewarded? We understand the true value of your property and target eco-hearted buyers who know what this is worth (and we educate them)

– Is the long-term conservation and preservation of your property important for you? We reach genuine Eco Buyers who are committed to conservation and appreciate your efforts

– Flexible sales and marketing approaches to match your needs and budget

– Marketing programs access all target groups for your type of property, without outlaying huge advertising budgets upfront

– Direct focus on market advantage and presenting the best profile

– Processes are simple, easy, enjoyable and our agents are friendly, knowledgeable, hardworking and understanding.

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Our experience over 15 years is shared with you in all the key aspects of real estate – how to reach the best buyers for your property, accurate pricing strategy to ensure best outcomes, most cost effective marketing programs.

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We are licensed to use the ecoproperty® system so you have the benefits of our TRIPLE STRENGTH in the marketplace.  Our Special Agents will explain how this all works for you and your property.

World’s first environmental real estate agency we have a commitment to high quality services, enjoyment in the major transaction of passing on a property to new owners or renters.

We came to this work from our commitment to environmental sustainability.

We are unique bringing experience and expertise about property and sustainability to you, as well as a passion for real estate.

Why Choose Us – Features and Benefits

Do you prefer to talk to agents who love and understand your property ?

Would you like to maximise your sale price ?

Do you want to reach Eco Buyers for your property ?

Is driving the values in your property important to you ?

Do you want marketing programs that access all target groups for your type of property ?

Does conservation and preservation of the features of your property matter to you ?

Are you interested in marketing that provides you with market advantage and the best profile ?

Do simple, easy, enjoyable processes that provide you with a satisfying experience of transferring your property to its new owners appeal ?

Not outlaying huge advertising budgets upfront appeal to you ?

Passing your property on to what we call the eco-hearted to reward you for all your hard work and efforts during the ownership and management of your property.