How does your system work?

EcoRealEstate’s provides property owners and agents to sell what we call environmental property all around Australia.  Choose a Program and we will set it all up for you.  It is all 3 very easy steps to get underway.

Can I Be Involved in the Sale of my Property?

You can be involved as little or as much as you wish. EcoRealEstate will happily recommend what will work best for you and your property. Some Programs are specifically designed for DIY, some for local agents, some for people and projects who need and want support and in-depth advice and resources.

Will You Work with Other Agents?

Yes, EcoRealEstate systems are available for local agents to utilise. If you need advice about how this will best work for you please always get in contact. 

Do you have Testimonials?

Yes, of course. We have been doing for nearly 20 years so many happy clients. And we, were the world’s first environmental real estate company.  Check out some here

How Do I Know if my Property is Suitable for your Services?

Almost any property is suitable. The best thing to do is talk to EcoRealEstate about your property and we will advise you the best way to sell or rent it – submit here.


Can I Sell or Rent my Property through your services even if I don’t think it is environmental enough?

Our focus has always been on property and sustainability. In developing our work we have established our reputation as great agents and an enjoyable experience, so property owners all over want us to sell for them. So – always talk to us. Once we know more about your property we can advise you what will work best for it and you and how we can help you.

Our Property is Highly Unusual – Do You Work with Other Specialists?

Yes we work with other specialists all the time. Talk to us (preferably before you sign up with anyone) as we openly and happily will explain how real estate works these days for your type of property. 

Is it possible to tell a friend about a property?

On the property display page you will find – Send to a Friend. Please fill out all fields in the pop-up and an email will be sent to your friend.

Why Don’t We See You in the Newspapers Advertising?

You won’t find us in newspapers very often because we recommend to our clients what will work best for the property. We are not in the business of obtaining large amounts of money for advertising from our clients that primarily promotes our agency and keeps our profile out front. Silly many say, good way to get lots of ‘free’ advertising and promotion. We stand by our work, the way we work and what we achieve. And most importantly our raison d’etre – take a look at our Ethics and Philosophy.

Thinking of selling or leasing your property?

Why not get in touch?  Lots of ways to do it here. You are welcome to have a free consultation.  Book here for a time to suit.