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Selling Options


Property owners and real estate agents throughout Australia are welcome to use EcoRealEstate services.

EcoRealEstate provides 3 levels depending on your preferences and what is most suitable for you and your property or project.


Level 1: Marketing only programs, no commission or any other fees

Level 2: Partnership program fully customised with your Special Agent

Level 3: Full real estate services with agency


You are welcome to book a free consultation that will include recommendations.

If you are ready to get underway, please select from the Options below to get started immediately.

Eco Real Estate will advise you the next steps to going live on the market and about all the features for your selected program.

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Download our e-brochure for more information about out work and philosophy.

You are welcome to review our ‘7 Sins of Selling’ ebook to ensure best decision making.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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National and International M & SMS: (61) 0468 489 333 or National Landline 1800 058 365.

Level 1

Marketing only programs, no commission or any other fees

With 3 programs to choose from to suit your budget

Level 2

Fully customised and fully resourced Marketing Strategy, with your own Special Agent providing experience

and expertise throughout the sales process and beyond. Commission and marketing budgets are all


Level 3

Full Real Estate Services

Next Steps

If you are not sure, or would like our recommendations, we love to hear about your property and ensure you make the best decisions as early as possible.

Let’s discuss your property – book a free consultation here

You are welcome to contact us by phone : M & SMS:  (61) 0468 489 333 or National Landline 1800 058 365 .

Or email here and we will contact you

If you know which Program you want let us know from a Program link above. You will be advised of how to submit all the photos, text, all other documents and details of how to pay. The property can be on the market within a few days, the next day if there is any urgency, just let us know.

How Long ? For all Options we can get underway within 1-2 business days, or as soon as you are ready.

We look forward to hearing all about your property.

Not Ready to Sell ?

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