Property owners and real estate agents throughout Australia are welcome to use EcoRealEstate services.

EcoRealEstate provides 3 levels of service outlined below depending on your preferences and what is most suitable for you and your property.


Eco Profiling Programs 1a
Extend it with some traditional marketing as well to 1b
Do full justice for your property to find the best buyers and drive the price as high as possible with an Active Networking and Marketing Program 1c. 
Free Consultation Recommended.


Our Partnership Programs in Level 2 are the favourite. Your property will enjoy all the benefits of a fully customised and resourced Active Networking and Marketing Program with your own Special Agent, expert in environmental property. We are passionate, knowledgeable and experienced (being the first environmental real estate agents in the world). These Programs provide the very best outcomes for you and your property through a combination of understanding the property and the real estate industry, accessing the best buyers and achieving the best price possible with our Eco Premium. Fully customised including all fees and marketing budgets. Free Consultation Recommended.


Level 3 provides full real estate services, like traditional real estate except we only work on environmental properties. Please contact us about these as they require full explanation of how they will best work for your location, type of property. All fees and marketing budget is negotiated. Free Consultation Recommended.

We will happily provide free recommendations for you and for your type of property. You are welcome to review our 7 Sins of Selling  to ensure best decision making.

If you are ready to get underway, please select from the Options below to get started immediately.

Eco Real Estate will advise you the next steps to going live on the market and about all the features for your selected program.

Level 1: Eco

Eco Profile/Eco Plus

Provides an excellent Eco Profile for your property in the marketplace.
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Access resources and expertise to ensure comprehensive marketing program, find the right buyers and achieve the best price possible.

The Favourite

Fully customised and fully resourced Marketing Strategy, with your own Special Consultant providing experience and expertise throughout the sales process to until settlement.
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Additional Real Estate


Assistance with negotiations, how to deal with some buyers and their advisors (lawyers, banks, family), what are all the steps for the most successful sale (or lease).
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You are welcome to contact us or see our FAQs if you have some queries.

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