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Established originally to protect what people had done on their properties by finding new owners to continue on with the work, EcoRealEstate now provides marketing and selling resources right through to full real estate services (like traditional but much, much better).

Much better because we came to this work from the environment. We are specialists in these types of properties because we love and understand them. We know how to find the best buyer for your property. Utilising the ecoproperty® system we also drive the best price for your property and achieve the goals you have in passing on your passion with great outcomes for you and the property.

We are very far from real estate agents (and many other businesses) who have jumped on the green bandwagon and many services now in the marketplace awash with greenwash. You and your property deserve the best selling program possible with dedicated agents skilled in selling these types of properties.


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Identification and recognition as ecoproperty®
Affordable solutions
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World-first expertise & experience
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