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We work on environmental properties (and ones with potential), so our staff and offices are dotted all around.  Field Trips to BioRegions are a big part of our work. Since Covid19 many work arrangements have changed so we recommend contact with us as follows.

Fastest way is to SMS +61 0468 489 333 with your inquiry requesting a call back or to have information emailed to you. Voicemail is fine too but we find now that data dominates our lives, suppliers are batching voice and can be no longer received in a timely manner from suppliers like Telstra and Optus.

If you do not hear back from us within 24 hours, please contact us again as it will mean your message or contact has not been received.

email to our offices with details of your request or the assistance you are after

We offer a range of free consultations so recommend these if you are looking for something specific immediately as this ensures a mutual suitable time for discussions.

Book a Free Consultation here with recommendations for you and your property, selling, renting advice, consultancy, marketing projects, networking. Many clients only need partial advice and support for real estate and we are happy to provide this too. We are Specialists in environmental property for over 25 years and so have lots of experience and expertise to share.

EcoRealEstate provides many options for property selling, renting, leasing, commercial, business and holiday Australia wide.

You are welcome to complete our Contact form below – including being part of our Eco Networks and our Referral Program.  

Mobile and SMS :  (61) 0468 489 333

International : (61) 0468 489 333

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Our Partnerships have been developed over many years now and are our clients, and our, favourites.  We would love to explain which one would suit you best.

You can start selling right away – your property will be on the website within a day, or when you are ready START HERE 

All details of what and how to provide the images, text, documents and all the other requirements depending on which Program you prefer for your property.

As most of our time is at appointments out of the office, Field Trips, property visits, conferences, and networking all around.  Visits to our offices are by appointment to ensure the right person is available to meet with you.

National and Victorian Office : Suite 99, 36-38 Gipps St. Collingwood, Vic, 3066
NSW Office and All Other States : Glebe (Sydney), NSW 2037 (61) 0468 489 333
Queensland Office :  Brisbane Qld 4000

If you want to send us anything  to review for you please email here and you can include a couple of attachments or make a time to suit with a free consultation