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What We Do

If you have a property that has some environmental features we sell it for you, or with you, or with your local agent.

You may also want to rent, lease, caretake or share your property.

The services provided are similar to traditional real estate.

Why we do it and how we do it, provides a completely different experience of passing your home on to the new owners. A satisfying, unusual, successful real estate experience is guaranteed.

Included services : Buying Property, Selling Property, Renting Property, Businesses, Farms, Commercial, Business, Special Projects, Communities, Caretaking, ShareFarming, Green Leasing, EcoFind.

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Why We Do It – Our Reasons for Being

We came to this work from the environment – we are not traditional real estate agents.   We love property, sustainability and real estate.  Our teams bring a whole range of knowledge and expertise about properties – not just the trading, although we love the commercial aspects too.

We created the market being world-first environmental – back when we were all discussing what is environmental sustainability

This means our philosophy, business practices and the experience for our clients, is underpinned by our commitment to property and sustainability. This informs all that we do.

Right from the start, we wanted to find the next owners who would appreciate the property, continue on with its work and for the process be beneficial for all parties. This approach has not changed and in fact continues to expand. It started with our goal to preserve environmental properties and conserve what we call eco capital.

For rentals and leasing, we will work with you to find the best tenants who will love and respect your property.

For project developments, ecovillages, community we will being our expertise in real estate as well as our understanding of what works for community and cohousing in Australia.

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How We Do It

We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you in person how we do it.

We offer a lot of Options because our commitment is to our clients and the property they have created.  We work on each property individually to ensure best outcomes for the property and all parties.

The difference to traditional real estate starts with your first contact with us. We understand the full range of environmental properties : your home, your farm, your business, your land, conservation, organics, biodynamics, alternative building designs and materials, water and waste, alternative power, sustainable living.

There are many Options available to you – if you wish to sell your own property, be involved in the sale, access realestate.com.au and domain.com.au for traditional marketing as well, if you have a traditional real estate agent you want involved.  The most important thing for us is to achieve the best outcomes for you as the owner, for the property in its transition to new owners and to ensure the best and all buyers are found.

Our work is nearly always customised because each property is different, often unique.  Determining the best approach for selling it will be based on well informed decision making.

From our first conversations you will be discussing your property and what you hope for it in the future. We are people who love and understand your property and its target markets. During our discussions and visit to your property we will recommend what will work best in the current market.

We also listen to your preferences and offer lots of different ways for you to work with us to get the best price possible, meet your timeframes, and all your goals for the transition of the property to new owners.

The world wide web and the internet have dramatically changed the real estate industry just as it has many other industries. In particular, how buyers assess, consider and buy property has become more complex. How real estate works now and what will work best for your type of property is advice we happily share.

Contact us here or submit your property and we will share our expertise and experience with you.

We provide specialist real estate services for environmental properties.

Agents in The Eco Real Estate Network are experts in a variety of environmental properties. We also consider all and any property for its eco potential.

If you are not sure if your property is suitable, please contact us or or submit here. You will be very pleasantly surprised about how your property will work with our services and for our clients.  We will provide you with free recommendations regardless.

The Eco Real Estate Network will also work with local agents. Contact us here to submit your property for how this works to ensure best outcomes for you and your property.  We are more than happy to talk to any real estate agents and we work as an important part of our philosophy is cooperation to achieve highest quality of services.

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Thinking we should work together?

Call: (61) 0468 489 333 or email office(at)ecorealestate.com.au