EcoTourism for Sale and Lease

A Brilliant unique country retreat - luxurious shelter, sanctuary, water, food security, fully off-grid and subtly a successful EcoTourism business, NSW

This is a retreat where you can get away any time and enjoy it all without any of the work?

Perhaps you would prefer to transition into the opportunity whilst you work out how to flee the city?

This is a turnkey opportunity that is hard to come by cleverly doubling as the perfect bug out escape.

The property offers multiple luxury shelter with independent power “off the grid”, pure unlimited underground water from an ancient aquifer 30 metres below, on site fuel storage with the livestock and market gardens ready to provide an abundance of fresh and sustainable food. All this subtly operating as a profitable business with rural tax benefits and concessions humming along nicely but ready to provide sanctuary, protection and shelter for you and your family if needed.

All the boxes are ticked with the property and business offering an excellent return on investment that is well-established totally unique and has a fantastic competitive edge.

Located in one of the best parts of Australian with stunning ancient landscape, brilliant skies, this is a very private and secluded property, brilliantly designed with all the infrastructure in place.

Request a link to review the property and business online where you can see all the facilities, all the services offered and check out the business’s booking engine checking the occupancy.

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