Find People or Property

EcoRealEstate puts people in touch with people who are seeking to establish projects, or the services for a project.

Send a few details here of what you are looking for such as:

  • People to Join our CoHousing Project
  • Suppliers for our Eco Development
  • Land suitable for our EcoVillage Development

We provide our own expertise and experience in design and building as well as selling and leasing so if you need some advice, information, resources and key people please get in touch with us.  Particularly we find location, design, building as well as eventually the selling strategy all need improvement as we develop our versions of housing and community throughout Australia.

ECOFIND :  If you are looking to join people or projects yourself please join our (free) EcoFind service and we will let you know about all the ways we can assist you to find what you are looking for.