Pass On The Passion

EcoRealEstate provides three levels of service and Partnerships are the favourite.


Our Partnerships have been developed over many years based around lots of different types of properties and locations.

We welcome the opportunity to explain which one will suit you and your property best.

How to Pass on the Passion

  • Enjoy the best way to pass on what you have created in your property
  • Fully customised advertising and marketing for your property
  • Expertise and experience of a passionate, talented Special Agent to work with you throughout
  • Cost effective to cover 99% of the market
  • The best of both worlds
  • Knowledge of where your property fits
  • Drive the price as high as possible
  • Achieve all the outcomes you want for your property
  • Reach all the target buyers and generate the best buyer
  • Understanding of the current real estate market
  • Lots of options – commission, payonsale

Next Steps

Get Started Now

Please submit your property here and we will contact you

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If  you prefer, SMS or phone  (61) 0468 489 333.

Our goals

One of our main goals  is that you have a rewarding process in passing on your property to the new owners:

  • That you will enjoy the process of selling and finding new owners for your property
  • You will be richer because we will have achieved the best sale possible for you (and our expertise includes many techniques and experience)
  • We will all be richer from the experience because our plan is that it is a most enjoyable experience passing on property to the new owners

There are several options for selling. Our approach offers flexibility so that you can be involved in selling your property in a small or big way. If you prefer you can also have the whole job done for you.

Is there urgency ?
If there is urgency in getting sold we will also advise you on what needs to be done and how we need to do it.

Perfect Next Owners ?
If you want to take time and effort to find the perfect next owners we continue on with your work Until Sold.

The Eco Real Estate Network is licensed to use ecoproperty®. This is a system for property identification and marketing that brings many benefits to the sale process. We are licensed to use it in all our operations to assist you to transfer your property. Utilising the full experience and expertise of specialist agents ensures the best outcome for you and your property in price, accessing the best buyers and achieving your timeframes.

Environmental properties have a very wide spectrum of features. Contact or email us and we will contact you.  Let us recommend what will work best for your property and its features.

As well as working out the best selling strategy for you, we will also advise you on the things that you will need to do before selling your property. What to do and what not to do for the identified target groups for your property as well as the types of buyers we will be bringing to you.