Organic Farms

We see organic farms as one of the greatest assets in eco capital and the future of the planet.

Preserving organic farms by passing on to new owners who will appreciate and protect such farming was one of the main motivators in establishing EcoRealEstate.

Please submit your property here or Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

If you are looking to buy an organic farm, or one that can be seriously considered for organic farming, please see these current listings below :

Giru, Qld – Organic farm and business 
Achacha Plantation and Business

NSW Lorne Organic Farm and Bushfood

NSW Sandy Beach – Off Grid Living? Look No Further! Ready to move to one of the most beautiful parts of Australia with your Passion for Organic Farming Permaculture


SA Organic Apple Orchard and Business  SOLD

WA : NASAA Certified Organic Farm – 4 titles, 2 houses, Multiple income streams in the beautiful SW Region world recognised farmer in regenerative agriculture SOLD

Vic : Perfect organic farm for lifestyle family property for anyone with one of the local trades in demand and / or interested in tourism or retail shop (also for sale in town as ex-Bakery), on the Silo Remembrance Trail SOLD

SA Keppoch – Organic lifestyle Home SOLD

NSW Armidale – Permaculture B&B SOLD

NSW Organic vineyard and winery in the Hunter Valley for sale with 3 Options for consideration SOLD