Ethics & Philosophy

Our philosophical commitment is to lifestyles which consider energy efficient design, embodied energy assessment, restoration of land and materials, preserving native and natural areas, regenerating and reusing materials, Permaculture design, and consolidating the work done on land, housing and property.

As well as real estate and property marketing, we undertake projects which demonstrate our philosophy and provide products and services to assist others in our quest to change how we live in the world and understand the resources we use, to ensure the survival and growth of our planet and for our children in the next millenium.

Our ethics include exploring new design processes and work practices that reflect cooperation, education and learning, community development, tolerance and justice, acceptance and appreciation of difference.

In so doing we examine both what we use within our business as well as externally in achieving our goals and objectives. We hope that through our work we will have enterprising communities that are dynamically vital, enlivening and beautiful places to live and work.

We have an Ethical Charter for enterprises that are seeking ethical ways of doing profitable business.

Our business has made a statement of our commitment to ethical principles and practices by using The Charter to guide us. These include Equity & Justice, Respect, Sustaining the Environment, Creating and Sharing Sustainable Prosperity and Responsibility.

We are also members of many other organizations working to protect the environment and achieve social and cultural enhancement.

As founder of the world’s first environmental agency established in 1997, we have a long history and much rich experience working on property and sustainability.

Based on a philosophy of commitment to health and well being of individuals, businesses and use of our natural resources we pride ourselves on guaranteeing our work and business systems based on our goal of ‘harmony in abundance’.