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Foreign Buyers of Australian Property

It’s highly unlikely lending and regulation is going to halt demand and impact.

It is time to discuss types of ownership eg. more leasehold; taxation eg. more contribution to national infrastructure, health, environment.

Let’s be innovative and imaginative – we have what most people and corporations want – security, wealth, well being. All comparative of course but we remain one of the luckiest countries.

So how best to share it – let’s debate widely and deeply and constantly.

Happy Holidays and Safe Tracks

Wishing you all the very best for happy holidays and safe tracks for all travellers.

We are working Dec-Jan and are sending you some of the great properties available for your enjoyment. If not for you, your friends, family, colleagues.The properties are all around Australia from great asset building for your family, blocks of land under $200,000, fabulous lifestyle greenchange properties; through to ecopreneurship, ecotourism paddock to plate and certified organic farms. Check them out at your leisure.