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Lakeside Living at its Best

Your own beach, waterfront, eco home away from the maddening crowds

The most difficult thing after making the decision to move for a new lifestyle is to find a home that is within three hours of Melbourne CBD.

That challenge increases if you are looking for a home and land that is sustainable, eco-friendly and has potential enterprise opportunities.

Lakeside Coongulla is an ecoproperty® in a Victorian community of central Gippsland that is often an overlooked location.   This can be a good thing for people looking for real lifestyle options outside of the city! The diversity of this area is amazing with wineries establishing, abundant water for irrigation and established transport links to markets.

Situated on 29 acres, this ecoproperty® has many enterprise opportunities for a home based businessor weekender around water sports.  The property has separate entries so there are lots of creative potential, like a B&B, or a retreat for artists or writers to produce their next big masterpiece. Nowadays it is possible to do business anywhere in the world!

Enjoy this quieter location away from the maddening crowds. The more isolated area is an opportunity to create a more peaceful true getaway. With a private sandy beach and metre of your own waterfront all on the shores of Lakeside Glenmaggie; your friends, family and potential paying guests will be hard to keep away.  Enjoy swimming and water sports or simply soak up the tranquil lifestyle that living by the water brings.

Banyandah, or “Home by the Water” is an architect designed solar passive house. Built from timber, stone and mud sourced onsite; this home celebrates the seasons for living beautifully and simply.

It is a stunning ecoproperty® ready for entertaining family, friends and guests- with four bedrooms, two spacious living zones, two bathrooms, a beautiful timber kitchen and expansive timber decking for outdoor entertaining.

The seasons and the surrounding landscape are the inspiration of the design for Banyandah.

Passive solar design minimises the carbon footprint over the life of the home. The use of solar energy for hot water and heating, wood for heating, cooking and hot water and an environmentally friendly sewerage system reduces the need for water.

The property comes with 122,750 litres (27,000 gallons) of domestic water storage, and a 2mg water right from the lake with pump, 27,000 litres of water tanks tank supplying garden water system.

At Eco Real Estate our passion is connecting people to ecoproperty®. Check out Ryans Road, Coongulla in Victoria for your new lifestyle in Australia.

One of the Healthiest Homes you will find

One of the Healthiest Homes you will find – toxic allergies, health problems – tell all your friends and colleagues as very rare to find an excellent place to live.

Purpose built to address very serious illness by a person who has done so well living in this home they can now move elsewhere in full management of their health issues.

This property is now available for purchase by anyone suffering toxic allergies or just wanting a fabulous place to live, healthy for family life.  It is a rare find so please pass on to anyone you know, or network with anyone who may be working or caring for ill adults and children.

Income streams are possibilities based around the fabulous bush and wildlife of the property.

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