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Vale Rod May

Tragic loss to the community and our industry. Rod served as the Chairman for our National Association for Sustainable Agriculture and also played a major role in the creation of the new Australian Organic Standards. Rod was also involved in the early days of farm visits becoming a pioneer in veggie box buying to access beautiful organic produce. Tree planting was another passion and Rod was involved in the Branch Out Tree Planting Schemes.

Congratulations OFA

‪Congratulations to the Organic Federation of Australia with the national organic mark, now available to give great confidence and clarification to consumers and producers‬.

For the Diary Rootstock 2016

The sustainable food and wine festival at Carriageworks Sydney Nov 26-27.  Tastings from naturally farmed vineyards and talks by sommelliers, chefs and producers.  Ph (02)  8571 9099 and

Going Organic

As German giant Bayer attempts to takeover Monsanto, the pharma, seed and pesticide dominators will go from 6 to 3 effectively. Countering this for our food and agricultural systems means it is time for more and more organic certification

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