This is not Business as Usual – the Climate Emergency

We are creating new norms for business and have been for over 20 years now. So join us Friday September 20 for the Strike and then take actions every week to address climate change emergency.
The phrase ‘business as usual’ gets thrown around a lot in corporate settings.

But there is nothing ‘usual’ about climate change and the alarming rate at which we are and have been damaging our planet. And it is certainly not business as usual for Australia’s students and young people to be asking adults to participate in action against climate change.

So for the Global Climate Strike this September 20th, Eco Real Estate won’t be doing business as usual. Instead, we are closing our offices, paying all our staff, and encouraging all to attend the action in their town or city.

What is the Global Climate Strike?
Over the past year, millions of young people participated in school climate strikes to send a clear message that the climate crisis needs immediate attention.

This Friday September 20, those same school students are calling on adults to join them on the streets to demand an end to the age of fossil fuels. Millions of adults will walk out of their workplaces and homes to support solutions to the most important crisis facing our world.

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Why we support and are ourselves hitting the streets for climate
Our climate is too important for our families and our workplaces to ignore. And we know that the number one reason that people won’t strike is because of work.

You should not have to choose between a payday and the planet. All of us benefit from living in a healthy, stable climate. It’s what has allowed us to build inspiring businesses in the first place.

So, my message to everyone at Eco Real Estate and all my fellow business leaders is: take action now, both yourself and to support others.

Are other businesses are getting involved?
The reality is that while it’s not up to the private sector to lead climate action, we can do our part in this unique moment. Every business in Australia can do something.

A number of Australian businesses are making a pledge to their employees that they will support their participation in the climate strike, through different means. So, you can close for the day, you can use your special leave arrangements to join the strike, or you can hold a “no meetings” day” so that at least everyone can organise their schedule to join the #Climatestrike in some way.

Why is it an emergency? Just this week we have learned that each person on the planet consumes the equivalent of a business card amount of microplastics – every year. So, imagine how much every breathing creature is consuming!

The reality is that once scientists developed plastics they should have only ever had very, very limited use. Instead we have polluted our planet with these virtually indestructible but very destructive substances now polluting our soils, our oceans, and all living creatures.

We have created alternative sources of power to coal but still our governments refuse to implement serious climate emergency actions for our people and businesses to implement.

How many young people do you know who have died of bowel cancer at 32; who have serious reproductive problems (both men and women); who have endless rounds of antibiotics year in year out for infections (and often only viruses).