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COMFORT in NEWGEN sustainable solutions – plastic bags and packaging

Whilst our political leaders fill us with despair with their lack of solutions around energy and sustainable solutions, great hope is from the new generation, many only in their 20s, who are addressing some of our most pressing needs.

Strawberry Packaging

Three twenty something students, Jared Wood, Kimberly Bolton and Michelle Demers, have discovered a way to produce compostable plastic.  Anyone buying strawberries, or any berries, would know the tremendous waste from the containers.  This new company Carapac, already of interest to the retailers, intends to start with strawberries and the 350 million punnets we consume each year.

Sustainable and compostable plastic bags and packaging will be made from crustacean shells and other natural ingredients.  Not only replacing traditional plastics, but also improving soil health as a slow release fertiliser.

As they say “We are constantly talking to farmers, packagers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers to make sure that we understand the industry from every possible viewpoint and continue to make sure our solution works every step along the supply chain, from the very beginning to the very end. Our goal is to provide a solution that doesn’t just replace plastics, but actually makes the world a better place by actually eliminating waste while increasing the quality of our soils in the process. We are passionate about making the world a better place now and for generations to come.”

Well done Jared, Kimberly and Michelle and all power to you. Seed funding now been sort to set up a pilot facility in early 2019.

Organic Farms

WA’s highest quality certified organic farm, Payneham Organic Farm on four titles and two homes.