Organic Market Insights #2: The Organic Consumer wants you!

We love our statistics, so let’s start with a couple! 

68% of Australian households said they bought at least one organic product in the past year (Australian Organic, 2017). The high demand for organic product drives up prices received, up to three times that of conventional crops or livestock (Suncorp Bank, 2013).

So, why are consumers buying organic products at a rate so high that demand cannot be fulfilled? Firstly, consumers are wanting to know how their food was produced.

Consumers are increasingly concerned with ethical issues around animal wellbeing and welfare. Scandals and poor production practices have meant that increasingly, consumers want to know where their food came from and
how it was produced throughout its life cycle.

In response, consumers are turning to organic meat products and products with strong traceability and provenance systems in order to feel more comfortable with their buying decision.

Secondly, consumers want to know what is in their food.

As well as a focus on how the animal or plant was produced, nutrition and health concerns are fast becoming one of the most important drivers of consumer decision making. Health and wellbeing concerns are increasing in
trajectory as the relationship between industrial food production and modern illnesses becomes more and more difficult to ignore.

Organic food production doesn’t cut corners or use cheap alternatives to control pests. As a result, consumers are driven to buy organic for what is NOT in their product, wanting chemical, pesticide and additive free products.

All these issues are driving consumers to demand free range, pasture fed and organic products – not just for a small subset of organic devotees, but for broad sections of the general public.

How can I start producing food that consumers are demanding?

Growing ethical and “clean” meat has long been a focus at Payneham Vale and the highest levels of animal welfare have always been central to the farm’s operations.

With 20 years certified organic status, Payneham Vale is a standout property of fully established integrated and holistic farming practices. It has been planned, developed and managed for long term sustainability and has received international awards for environmental excellence.

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