The Change you are Looking for?

This is for a fruit you probably have ever never heard of, with a product range you may have never considered.  Perhaps you have not even considered organics and biodynamics that have now been established for it.

Is it time to do something different with your life?  Have you considered making a significant change but not exactly sure for what.? Do you have an amazing skill set but want to apply it in a very different way?  This is an opportunity that does not come along very often.  If I could have another life, I would do it myself.

What it does provide is an established business, the biggest plantation, plant breeder rights and an enormous upside for the entrepreneurial problem solver.

Let me introduce you to Achacha – think of the cha-cha with Ah in front of it.  It is Bolivian but Queensland is the perfect equal location and that is what these first group of entrepreneurs did.  Went to Bolivia, researched it all thoroughly and then brought it to Australia.

For what is now another perfect product for Australian horticulture.

I’m excited to share this with you and hope that if it is not for you, you may know someone perfect for it. 

Or, ideally I think, a group of people, who could be involved in some capacity.  One or more may choose to live there in one of the 2 existing houses.  And over time the group could build a fantastic Eco Home designed with all the latest and greatest features and systems.  And this could be on the third title available.

So, this is an opportunity to express your values.  If you have a commitment to environmental sustainability you can continue the organic certification and biodynamic systems.  Not essential but you would be crazy not to.

Request the Buyer Prospectus here.  There is also an excellent Investor Presentation.