Immigrate to Australia with a Business Visa

Ever wondered about immigrating to Australia and living down under?

The world seems a little testy right now in the midst of a pandemic, recent terrorism in Europe, Brexit and a rollercoaster USA election to name just a few.

Have you considered Australia as a place to invest and live ? You may be eligible to immigrate to Australia with a business and investment visa.

Every year, over 7,000 business & investment visas are granted under Australia’s ‘Business Innovation & Investment’ program. So if you are an entrepreneur, have a successful business background and/or are able to meet investment criteria immigrating to Australia might be for you.

The visas encompass streams for business talent and entrepreneurs as well as innovation and investment. The business and investment visas are designed to encourage entrepreneurs and successful business owners to settle in Australia.

The two business investment visas are open to qualified investors from all around the World, who want to invest and settle in Australia with their family.

To qualify for business & investment visa in general you need to have net assets/ net value of AUD 2.25 million (held for at least 2 years – below 55 years old) or AUD 5 million (anytime with no age limit) and place these funds in a specified investment range which may include commercial real estate.

A successful business & investment visa means you can live anywhere in Australia and obtain residency status for you and your spouse and children.

Australia is a great place to live and to invest. If you are interested please consult an expert in migration and good luck.