Want to be a Better Organic Farmer?

A 12-month knowledge sharing package awaits

Ron and his wife, Suzanne, have been on a remarkable journey to develop the traditional farm to become the showpiece it is today. Whilst the Watkins family have owned Payneham Vale since 1908, its journey to the stand out organic farm today began in 1973 when Ron and Suzanne had returned to work the farm.

In a very rare and valuable opportunity, the buyer/s of Payneham Vale have the unique option to draw upon Ron’s vast knowledge and experience as a property design and water consultant.

Ron is offering the new owner/s a guided 12-month learning opportunity, where you will be able to fully learn the organic practices of the farm and assist to transition you quickly and expertly through his knowledge and experience of this land.


Ron made it his quest to understand the water and soil systems and ultimately to work with all the property’s natural features to establish a highly productive mixed farming enterprise. His vision was to contribute to the health and well-being of his family and ultimately, all the consumers of his produce.

The farm itself has also received high accolades by nurturing a healthy environment, with many other producers drawing upon Ron to assist them with planning their own production systems.

Ron’s concept of whole farm planning has seen him win several major
environmental awards including the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)
Global 500 Award, UNEP Saving the Drylands Award, Rural Achiever of the Year
Award and the Churchill Fellowship.

Learn more about this rare opportunity at https://www.ecorealestate.com.au/