Vale Peter Cundall, Celebrating a Life of a passionate organic gardener

What a sad day with the passing of a wonderful man that inspired so many people to take up gardening. And persuaded those with an already established interest to pursue it for their property.

Inspirational too as a man who demonstrated how older men could be fine examples to boys and men. How to be a ‘modern man’, full of respect and gentle leadership. No surprise he was the Australian Humanist of the Year in 2006.

He inspired the tone and profile of Gardening Australia still seen today in the presenters and the content of the program.

Every week he entertained us with great stories and tips as well as always sharing his wide and deep horticultural knowledge.

For us though, our greatest inspiration was Peter’s passion leading many people to organic gardening. As a conservationist, Peter was part of the generation that fundamentally changed our attitude to our natural resources. Being part of movements such as the Franklin Dam battle. And participation in conservation organisations like the Wilderness Society.

 People like Peter gave those of us starting businesses like EcoProperty and The Eco Real Estate Network the encouragement and energy to pursue our own goals around conservation and organics.

British born and of the Second World war and Korean war generation what a beautiful gift his life has been to Australia. Lucky us! Thank you Peter.