Title Sustainability Starts Where You Live

Gloucester Tops – make the move.

Sustainability is a way of life that may be as simple as taking the time to make purchases that use less packaging. Or, it could be as deep as finding ways to live off the land and provide others with options to purchase sustainable products and services.

Several lots of income streams possible around the food production, eggs/chicken, permaculture training/experiential tourism; showcase sustainable living B&B.

If sustainability is important to you, it can seem overwhelming to know where to make changes or how to find a home that offers sustainable living and sustainable income streams.

Gloucester Tops in NSW is the property found by one couple to start their dream of sustainable living and production. Inspired and charmed by the ever-changing landscape adjacent to the World Heritage listed Barrington Tops wilderness and a climate that feels so close to the sky, they named the home and gardens they built Misty Ridge.

The couple and their family like to think of Misty Ridge as an edible landscape providing many diverse food sources. For example, free-range eggs laid by chickens in their expansive hen house!  With lots of produce sold.

A well-established market garden provides year-round produce for farmers’ markets, retail sales and produce boxes.

Established using permaculture design and low water use, a wicking system has created 95% efficiency of water, yet still produces high yields.

With careful planning and farming practices, the garlic and sweet potato cash crops and market garden as well as the whole property are organically certified by Australian Certified Organic. This is an achievement that many sustainable producers seek to obtain.

The gentle art of bee-keeping adds to their seasonal sales of honey; well known for its unique flavor of the surrounding native bush.

Thanks to the success of the established permaculture farm, Misty Ridge is a place where many people travel to attend workshops and other ticketed events to learn more about sustainable produce farming. For the owners, this has been so valuable and affirming to share their extensive practical knowledge. This experiential tourism on this property is untapped potential for anyone wanting to undertake education and ecotourism enterprises.

There is one major element that makes Misty Ridge so successful in offering sustainable living, income and life—and that is love. There is no doubt about it—this property has been lovingly created and well designed with fully-implemented integrated systems for health and well-being as well as food production.

Although not established yet, Misty Ridge could at some point offer accommodation such as B&B to people and families who wish to spend more time in this amazing place. It really is a place for people to connect with the environment and perhaps learn deeper skills and inspiration to take every-day sustainable practices back into their homes and community.

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