Plastic Free July

So many things can be done at home to reduce plastic. The joy (and ease) of making your own yoghurt. No more plastic containers every week. Just one nice permanent glass jar.

Our worm farm is a delight – we love our little creatures and what they take as waste and turn in to magnificent juice and castings for our garden cannot be underestimated. The reduction of waste to landfill and plastic bags for waste is such a bonus too.

How easy is it to buy fruit and vegetables and place them in a bag immediately. Not a plastic bag, a permanent bag that can go straight in the fridge if you need to.

So many people think their takeaway coffee cup is paper and recyclable. Not so. How easy though is it to have a keep cup and use it on all your travels and in the workplace.

We have no problems making changes. It is all about habit and behaviour. When we think how much landfill we save, how much waste in to our oceans and rivers, how good is that.

July can be a month of commitment to making changes. The plastic free july website has lots of other ideas so check it out.