Current Market

It has been an exciting and rewarding 18 months for us with our eco buyers, all around Australia and other parts of the world, very interested in our properties and making some great purchases.

Frequently, we are asked by seller “how long will it take to sell my property?” Sadly, the biggest mistake we see is not putting the right strategy in place from the get go. Getting the best buyers, the best price, the best timing.

Our Eco Networks of over 8,000 people have been built over many years so we know what people want, and when they want it.

Both buyers and sellers are welcome to have one of our free consultations. So make any time to suit by booking here and tell us a bit about what you are hoping to buy, or planning to sell (or rent/lease). As part of this we will let you know about the current market and what is happening for your type of property or project.