The science is now unequivocal, 97% of climate scientists say climate change is occurring and is human-induced. Already Australia is feeling the impact, with 123 weather records broken last summer and the hottest 12 months on record.

At Environmental Action, we know that no one action will solve the climate crisis. But we also believe that, working together, we can speak loudly enough and often enough to turn the country toward a cleaner, greener path.

We must oppose the opening of more coal mines. We must not let our land be bought and opening spoiled by billionaire mining giants who lack any environmental responsibility.  We must enact a plan to switch to renewables with a realistic goal of 50-100% by 2030

Let us all respect the will of the people and embrace climate action.

Save us from a climate crisis, before it’s too late. Check out this link and sign this petition today.