Off the grid Solar Power Permaculture with Sustainable Features Timber and Rammed Earth Construction eco property near Stanthorpe on the Granite Belt PRICE : $280

Property Description

This is an eco-living off-grid rammed-earth 2 bedroom house with 150 m2 living space and 2 acres gardens around the house. Fully furnished and ready for eco-living!

Renters will have a passion for living on the land and keeping the place clean and mowed will be able to learn to operate all off-grid-living-systems including solar, hot water, greywater, and composting toilets.

The property has many potential growing areas with set up gardens and irrigation fencing and hot house protection ideal for for small scale commercial Organic food production and self sufficient living.

Property Address

88 Sunset Crescent, Sugarloaf Sugarloaf

Property Features
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